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a self–control filter

Put your best self in control.

Plucky is an Internet filter designed to help you stick to your long-term goals rather than indulge in short-term Internet temptations. Fully customizable but hard to get around, it hands you the controls--while also keeping you from bailing on your commitments.

The name Plucky is derived from the word "Pluck" which means, "courage and determination in the face of adversity," and it is also an allusion to the pluck-eye principle.

Plucky is available on Windows. macOS, Linux, and Android.



In default mode, Plucky blocks all images and videos on all sites. Plucky gives you the Internet without the images.


You can allow images on sites that are safe for you. But there's a safeguard: the first time you allow any site, there is a delay you chose ahead of time (for example, 5 minutes or 5 hours). And Plucky can't be uninstalled until after the delay.


Plucky’s features combine to put your best self in charge. They let you make your Internet choices in moments of strength rather than weakness. 


You have two selves at war within you: the disciplined self and the impulsive self. Plucky hands the controls to the disciplined self by using a waiting period. Research shows that a waiting period helps people resist addictive substances and behaviors by making them temporarily unavailable. The delay makes you choose what you want in the long run, rather than what you want right now.


$0-15 per month. Sliding scale.


We never want money to be a barrier to freedom, so pricing is sliding scale. We do expect at least $2/month from people in developed countries, which allows Plucky to be free in developing countries. People in over 100 countries use Plucky.


“Now I can work alone at my computer without fighting a constant battle in my mind.”

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Our mission is to provide a software solution to Internet pornography. We focus on filling the gaps we see in available options: type of filter (self-control versus parental control or accountability), platforms (we started on Linux), affordability (sliding-scale pricing), and toughness (we love techies). We do this because we follow Jesus, who cares about the one lost sheep. And because we are that sheep.

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Plucky is a do-it-yourself filter for those who are ready to change and just need the tools. It will take some time to configure Plucky to fit your goals and your patterns of temptation. While the learning curve is steep, there is a growing community that can help you get started. (If you don’t hate it at first, we'll consider that a win.)

If Plucky doesn’t end up being a good fit for you, check out this interactive list of over 200 filters to find a better fit.


Plucky is a do-it-yourself filter. Since only you know your patterns of temptation, it will take some time to configure it. Expect a steep learning curve. (If you don’t hate it at first, consider that a win.) Plucky works best for those who are highly motivated to change and just need the tools.

If Plucky doesn’t end up being a good fit for you, check out this interactive list of over 200 filters to find a better fit.


Give you straight A’s and promotions at work!

(Give you the ability to block distractions so you can focus.)

Make all your problems disappear!

(Offer a way out of temptation. It’s worth seeking out other resources to address the root causes of your temptations.)

Turn you into a great lover!

(Give you distance from distortions, making it easier to truly love a real person.)

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