Get Plucky



We help people not get derailed by pornography so they are free to fulfill their callings.


Because there are already hundreds of filters, we focus on filling gaps: 

  • toughness (bypasses make a filter useless)

  • platforms (we started on Linux)

  • affordability (especially outside the U.S.)

  • type of filter (self-control rather than parental control or accountability)


Jon Wilkes founded Single Eye Software, which makes Plucky, in an effort to serve Jesus and people. After a degree at Harvey Mudd and a decade in the software industry, Jon quit his job to seek the best way to use his skills for God’s kingdom. On a personal level, he had also struggled with porn and wanted a filter he couldn’t bypass. This desire and this need combined to create Plucky (then Pluckeye), a radical image-blocking filter based on self-control. Since 2015, Jon has worked full time on Plucky, trying to make it available to anyone who needs it.


Serve God, not money

Money is not the driving force behind our decisions.

Seek God’s kingdom first

    The kingdom of God is our bottom line.

Love our neighbors as ourselves

    We try not to treat people as commodities for our gain.

Put others first

    We try to avoid competition and self-promotion at others' expense.

Point to Jesus

A filter can't save anybody, but Jesus can.


Pornography is too big of a problem for companies to waste time competing. This is why Jon is a founding member of Builders (, an alliance of Christian technical companies who fight porn. The Builders tenets:


We believe we can combat porn more effectively working together.

We collaborate rather than compete.

Our allegiance is to Christ before our companies.


Want to build together? Contact Jon.